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CD Gary Primich Band - A Tribute To Gary Primich (R.I.P).

80,00 SEK

Gary Primich Band - A Tribute To Gary Primich (R.I.P).

The Price Is Incuding Shipping Cost In Sweden.

Recorded 2015.

Song List;

1. Playgirl.

2. Why Don´t You Write Me.

3. My Home.

4. Never Knows When A Woman.

5. Radiates That Charm.

6. The Primich Boogie.

7. I Gotta Be Good.

8. Knock Me A Kiss.

9. Cotton Club Revue.

10. Angeline.

11. Queen Of Complication.

12. Darlin´I´m Leavin´.

13. Hard Luck Jim.

14. Think It Over.

Record Company: Ball & Chain.

Produced By Micke Finell.

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