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Linda Gail Lewis - Darlin´Im Leavin´.
Recorded 2019.
Song list;
1. It Started With A Love Affair.
2. That Much.
3. Pretty Little Pictures (Duet with Robbie Fulks).
4. Poor Me.
5. Tears In My Eyes.
6. We´re Just Friends.
7. The Forgiver.
8. Darlin´Im Leavin´.
9. A Ray Of Hope.
10. Who Loves You.
11. You Were Always There.
12. Blessed Assurance (Annie-Marie Lewis on Vocals).
13. You Win Again.
14. I Feel Your Love.
15. So Good.
16. Heartbreak Highway.
Record Company: Ball & Chain.
Produced By Micke Finell.

CD Linda Gail Lewis - Darlin´I´m leavin´.

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