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Double CD with TYLA GANG - Rewired.The Price Is Inclusive Shipping Cost In Sweden.Recorded 2010.CD#1;1. On The Street.2. Don´t Turn Your Radio On.3. Styrofoam.4. Dust On The Needle.5. No Roses.6. It´s Gonna Rain.7. Spanish Streets.8. Moonlight Ambulance.9. Jungle Of Love.10. Bar Of Telefon.11. Amsterdam Dog.12. Chasing The Dragon.13. Out On The Run.14. Whaleback Boogie.15. Moonlight Ambulance 2.CD#2;1. Styrofoam.2. Speedball Morning.3. Lost Angels.4. I Don´t Want Your Love.5. Suicide Jockey.6. Cannons Of The Boogie Night.7. Fireball.8. Gonna Take Me Away.9. Pool Hall Punks.10. Walkin´The Dog.11. Hurricane.12. Whizz Kids.Record Company: Jungle.

CD Tyla Gang - Rewired.

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